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Astrology Workshop ASCENSION

12/17/2017   12:30PM-3:30PM  Investment $111

Sagittarius is a time for infinite possibilities in astrology. Will you ascend? Or will you escape to a gypsy artist’s life?  Jupiter brings the hand of Zeus in expansion, power and joy to all that syncs in flow with the universal collective. Fire initiates change and growth that sparks all of humanity, and Sagittarius links these in the deep craving of passionate wisdom to propel the ages. Last month we were diving deep; this month we rise. Together in fiery pursuit of our highest truth, we rise. Unafraid of ecstasy, we rise. Not deterred by any human force or experience, we rise, integrating the heavenly into the passion body for a more full expression of the esoteric journey. Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo are mutable signs. What does it mean to be mutable? Where do your mutable signs lie on your natal chart?  How can you embrace transition, change, and integrate yourself, surroundings and others on the journey to harness the power of your mutable signs?  In addition, we will illuminate your specific chart or the chart of a friend, loved one, business, so that you can see where and how this action and energy can integrate holistically for healing, growth and highest expression of unity.  Ascension awaits you! We will be able to order from Cosmic Kitchen at a discount. Please bring  your exact birth information including  date, year, exact time, city state and country. Handouts and pdfs will be available as well as beautifully printed color charts for you to keep. Q and A included. 

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What if HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat?

This is the question I’ve been pondering. What if we took the time to eat at a table? Instead of drinking our store-bought protein drinks in the car, eating lunch in front of a computer, grabbing a snack from a vending machine and scarfing dinner in front of the TV…time slowed. We carefully prepared a simple, but delicious meal. We set the table. We light a candle. We sit with our family. There is gratitude. There is community.

Come learn practical and easy tips to bring Mindful Eating into your daily life!

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MALA Workshop

Leading this workshop are two of our yoga teachers, Kellie and Heather, who will teach you the significance of making your own mala, the numerology behind it, creating a personal mantra, and how to use your mala. We will provide all the materials you will need. We will offer 7 different choices for beads, based on the chakra colors. Please email us 1 week before workshop (11/11/17) to let us know which semi-precious stone you would like for your mala

Saturday 11/25/17

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Taspen's Shanti Studio - Every Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Starting 11/07/17 - 12/12/17

$100 Register by 10/28 - $125 Register by 11/7 - $25 Drop-in