Yamuna Body Rolling & Massage



Yamuna Body Rolling


Yamuna Massage and Alignment  
Angelina uses a variety of Yamuna therapy balls to sink deep into the muscles and release and lengthen them over the bone, while making gentle chiropractic adjustments to the skeleton (no forceful popping of joints), so you can leave in your body's best alignment and longer and lighter than ever. *Wear comfortable clothing that moves (Yoga clothes). You will be on a massage table gently shifting from front-side-back. 


 Work Specific Area               60 min    $100

Full Body                                     90 min    $140

     Full Body -  Face - Feet       120 min    $175 

Yamuna Body Rolling: A revolutionary do-it-yourself technique that follows the logic of the neuromusclar system to bring your body to its best condition. Using specially designed massage therapy balls you will learn how to release the tendon (which connects muscle to bone) from its attachment to the bone initiating a release through the entire muscle and experiencing how a muscle fully lets go. Then you are able to realign your skeletal structure. Free your body from all physical pain and limitations and feel how light you can be. 

Yamuna Foot Fitness: Your feet are the base of your alignment. If your foot is out of alignment, the rest of your body is out of alignment. This simple, effective technique focuses on realigning the skeletal structure of your foot to eliminate foot and ankle pain, and non-surgically fix common foot problems like Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Hammertoe, Mortons Neuroma, Hallus Rigidus. Stretch, massage, and strengthen your feet and learn to do-it-yourself in just 5-10 minutes a day. Foot clinics available every 2nd and 4th Saturday for $30. 60 minute privates, $100. 

Yamuna Facial Awakening & Alignment:  The Yamuna face work will relieve tension in the face and neck and naturally lift and plump the face. Essential for anyone suffering from headaches/migranes, sinus problems, ear/eye pain/problems, jaw pain (TMJ), or who has ever had a head injury or braces.  60 minute for $100 or 90 minute for $140. 

Active Stretching: Improve your flexibility drastically by using Yamuna Body Rolling to warm-up your muscles, and then practicing active stretching techniques learned in Angelina's time studying Contortion. Get your splits, middle splits, and backbend no matter what your age and enjoy the relaxing process and health benefits of stretching.