Veronica Mayor K


YOGA with Veronica


A Brazilian/Colombian yoga teacher - Channeler - Vibration Healer based in Conifer Colorado. Veronica is known for her passionate attention to detail and commitment to the emotional, physical and spiritual growth of her students. Balancing individuals to the practice through intelligent flows, intentional adjustments, relevant alignment instruction, and spiritual connections.

Veronica’s teaching is designed to give her students the tools and techniques to access their own unique body’s needs. We create new connections in order to find center of themselves each time they step on their mats. Veronica is a RYT 200 Teacher Trainer Certified specializes in All Levels Vinyasa Flow yoga-Restorative Yoga.

 Aerial Yoga Teacher



Thai Yoga Body-Energy Work

90 minute session $115

This therapy is ideal when you are suffering from aches and pains, mobility or flexibility issues, or to improve your health. A traditional Thai Yoga Body-Energy Work is a unique wellness therapy combining  working the Sen pathways in our body that encourage healing and proper flow and moving the energy. It is used in Thailand as a medical discipline to aid in recovery of ailments related to imbalance. It is a remarkable art form that is rooted in Buddhist practices that value compassion, mindfulness, and healthy living.

In a Thai massage session, you will be wearing  comfortable clothes. During the session, you will be resting on a queen size luxury floor mat. Using techniques such as compression, acupressure, joint mobilization, and gentle stretching, we  will be working to actively create openness in your body and promote healing.


Herbal Thai Yoga Body-Energy Work

120 minute session     $145

For an increased effect on your health and wellness or if your system is already overloaded (i.e. fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or extremely poor health). Similar and working with the same principles to the traditional Thai Yoga Body-Energy Work, this deeply therapeutic treatment is performed on a floor mat with the client fully clothed. Medicinal herbal bundles from Thailand are steamed to the perfect temperature and then pressed into the body with rhythmic presses that encourage relaxation and a meditative state. After the session, you will receive your herbal compresses to take home so you can reuse them in either a therapeutic bath or localized heat treatment per the recommendations of your therapist.