Speerlight with Ananda Kirti Kaur

Speerlight is an intuitive energy healing session to rediscover your soul essence and align with your true path and nature.

Through a series of energetic scans around the person's body field, layers of information are retrieved and interpreted. The frequency of that information is tuned in accordance with one's signature imprint (soul frequency) and amplified if it assists with their higher design or "charted" (repositioned with a shift in frequency, imprint and pattern) to recreate, harmonize and connect with one's higher self. Seek to be free from imprints and patterns so that you can connect and recognize your true self and develop the courage to live it! 

Speerlight Long Distance Check-In sessions are for clients that have recently received a full Speerlight session and are still processing the previous healing and information. Many times it is there to assist in understanding and integrating the new patterns occurring and to receive an energetic attunement to help the continued support on their soul signature frequency.

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Speerlight                                                                                                            $150

Speerlight  Minor/Senior/Military Discount                                           $110

Speerlight Long Distance Check-In                                                           $75

*Please email: tamara@taspens.com or call 303-816-1246 with any questions, to schedule a long distance session or if availability needed is not shown on schedule. Also join Taspen's Healing Center on Facebook or visit Taspen's Healing Center Youtube Channel to receive more information, videos and updates.