Seetal Joti Kaur - Yin Yoga/ Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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A Swede in Colorado (And New York City)

Two years ago, me and my husband decided to move from Sweden to New York City. I was already a Yin yoga teacher but decided to jump right in to the Kundalini training at Golden Bridge yoga as well. Yin yoga by the way is super popular in Sweden and many of the teacher trainers are trained by Paul Grilley himself. Ulrica Norberg, who I practice with, is a very popular Yin teacher both in Stockholm and NYC, where she works with Alan and Sarah Finger at Ishta Yoga. I started teaching private clients, in the beginning Scandinavian people living in NYC or coming over for a business trip or for a vacation. Many Scandinavian people (and maybe not only them) have on their bucket lists to practice yoga in Central park, and I lived just a few blocks away. I also had a spare room converted to a home studio for up till 3 mats for my regular practitioners. I worked a year at a studio called Yoga Spa on Upper East Side, teaching Yin yoga once a week, Kundalini and a Women’s class, a females-only class I designed myself, twice a week. I also volunteered teaching at KING (Kids in the game) and at Kula for Karma in one of their programs at Weill Cornell Medical Center for people with addictions. I did this for a almost 18 months, and then we decided to move out west. We are nature-kids and horse people so even though we loved NYC we didn’t want to stay another year. So here we are!