Integrative Custom Massage-Julie McQueen, LMT

Techniques offered: 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes unless otherwise noted

NeuroMuscular Massage (NMT): 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes

This is a type of deep tissue massage that adheres to neuromuscular principles to address postural distortions. This technique then works with the musculature to break down concentric muscles, strengthen weak musculature, and correct or improve postural distortions. This style of massage is used predominantly to address injury during the rehabilitative phase; however, it is also effective to address chronic muscular issues. This therapy employees myofascial techniques to reduce adhesions between the skin and underlying tissues, in addition it works the insertions and origins of the musculature as well as the body of the muscle, then passively to actively works the body of the muscle to find release.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST):

During the development of CST, the creator and physician John E Upledger pioneered this technique after following multiple scientific studies. He recognized the flow of cerebral spinal fluid as a key factor.  Upledger believed that the human body wants to heal itself (reaching homeostasis) and strongly believed that the flow of CSF was intended to bring what he called “the breath of life” to various maladies within the body. The CST therapist recognizes still points or blockages of this flow of energy and then directs the flow of healing energy to a given area.  Generally after a session clients report feeling more balance, lighter, and even taller. They also report these effects lasting several days as well as reports that problem areas are no longer a problem. 

Swedish Massage:

This traditional massage technique is generally thought to be slow and gentle, but can also be more vigorous. The technique employees broad strokes which flow to more narrow strokes and then back as it moves among various muscle groups. It is a full body technique and is used in most areas of the body, unless contraindicated. Swedish massage also employees aromatherapy generally infused in oils, lotions, or creams to help reach a therapeutic affect. Swedish massage increases blood flow, helps to release endorphins, and the results are traditionally a very relaxed, calm, more centered individual.

Reflexive Trigger Point Therapy (trigger point as offered by Julie)

Trigger points are areas in the body that, when manipulated, create sensations in other areas. This technique combines trigger point therapy with the reflexive affects felt at other areas of the body and then gently manipulates both areas in synchronicity allowing the parent trigger point to release completely.

La Stone Therapy: (120 minutes only)

This technique combines both hot and cold stones for contrast therapy on the entire body. The practitioner may either use the stones as tools to manipulate sore muscles or leave them in individual points to allow the warmth or cool affects to penetrate given areas of the body. It also addresses Chakras and long forgotten areas of stress, leaving you more balanced and relaxed for several days after. This massage is only available in 120 minute sessions.

Lymphatic Drainage: (30 and 60 only)

The general purpose of this massage is to move excess fluid away from areas of congestion. It is designed to be used on the lymphatic system to increase lymphatic flow, decrease swelling, and may be used as a part of compression therapy. The feeling of the massage is very light pressure moving slowly toward the inner elbows, armpits,  neck  in the upper areas of the body and conversely used on back of the knee, and groin area on the lower body. This massage technique helps combat the affects of lymphedema, or the fluid accumulation which may occur after the removal of lymph nodes.  


This technique is beautiful in its simplicity as it uses spiritual healing to address virtually every known illness. The word Reiki is a Japanese word derived from Rei meaning Universal Life and Ki meaning energy. It can be a hands on or no touch and visualization with the goal of improving the flow of ki or life energy in the recipient. This technique is used in conjunction with CST by Julie

Combination Massage:

Julie believes that individual needs change depending on the day, the stressor, the length the condition has existed, how the condition originally began, the area the condition exists in, etc. As of such, it is critical that we evolve our techniques to meet an individuals needs. In one session this could mean combining reflexive trigger point, NMT, CST, energy work or any other combination to meet those needs.

 Pre-Natal massage:

Uses above techniques to address problem areas in expectant mothers while maintaining proper draping, and bolstering to accommodate the expectant mother and child.

Sports Massage is available as rehabilitation between events

Generally sports massage has 4 potential phases: Immediately before an event (in which case the therapist needs to be present), during the event,  post event cool down and finally as a rehabilitation between events. If you are planning on competing within a week of this session this massage is not appropriate for you. HOWEVER; if you are recovering from an event and need work to help resolve an injury this massage may be ideal!

60 minutes $90 

90 minutes   $120

120 minutes  $150

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