Laura “Karuna” Ferguson

Laura began her career with a master’s degree in social work from West Virginia University and has worked in wilderness programs, residential youth treatment centers, and in the medical field.  Through these experiences Laura realized that asana and pranayama, when accessed through guidance, are powerful and important tools that can be used to work through tension on a small scale or heal from major trauma. In 2006 she went back to school at the Shambhava School of Yoga in Boulder, Colorado and received the first 3 levels of hatha yoga training and meditation teacher training. Since then she has been teaching adult and kids yoga and meditation classes. She has taught kids from ages 2-13 at studios, schools, ashrams, treatment centers, and parks.  She has taught yoga teacher trainings and developed a mindfulness/yoga program for schools and treatment centers. She also developed the curriculum for summer yoga camps for kids and enjoys providing private yoga classes for helping families learn to build a yoga and meditation routine specialized for their needs. Last year, Laura published a kid’s yoga and meditation learning book, My Sunshine Yoga Kids, and has begun to share it with bookstores, schools, and libraries. She has a passion for helping people find peace in their lives and joy in their hearts. She is incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing, healing community at Taspen’s and will forever strive to live up to her spiritual name Karuna, which means compassionate, which was gifted to her by her teacher, Sri Shambhavananda.  Laura currently works part-time as a Medical Social Worker at St. Anthony’s Hospital. She is married and has two sweet girls.  She has lived in Deer Creek Canyon for the past 15 years where she continues to follow her passion for rock climbing, gardening, and other wilderness adventures.

Hatha Yoga

This heart centered hatha yoga class will help you relax and energize the body, mind, and spirit as you begin to release tension. Gradually you can increase flexibility, inner openness, and enjoy the full benefits of yoga. This class is rooted in the Shambhava tradition. The goal of Shambhava yoga is to learn to be fully engaged in life while simultaneously experiencing the nectar of divinity within. All levels welcome.