Laura “Karuna” Ferguson

Hatha Teacher and Growing Hearts Therapy, Yoga and Wellness Practitioner

The challenges of living in our fast-paced world are endless. Take the first step and call or email me today. I help clients of all ages learn to manage stress, anxiety, depression, grief, life threatening illnesses, and major life transitions. I integrate traditional therapeutic approaches with cutting edge treatment modalities, such as: Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and Nature-BasedTherapy. It is time for you to Start the process of rediscovering who you really are and learn to move through life with a greater sense of wellbeing and contentment. I will help you find ways to uncover the veil that blocks your ability to see your true self and greatest potential. You will be given tools to help overcome life’s challenges with grace and ease. You will discover ways to manage your moods, release attachments, and change negative thinking patterns. You deserve to learn to be still enough to hear your own voice and heart’s desires as you cultivate harmony, balance, and a new sense of excitement for life. Learning to let go of fear, judgement, and indecision will lead to greeting each day as a new opportunity as you live more fully and joyfully.

At Growing Hearts Therapy, Yoga and Wellness, we will develop aspecialized treatment plan from a holistic, heart-centered approach. Through these unique combinations of treatment options, you will learn simple, practical tools to work through obstacles, face fears, and become aware of old patterns that are holding you back. You will discover your inner edge to help you face anything from big life transitions to day to day challenges. You will work on developing positive thinking patterns, beliefs and attitudes, alone with, healthy coping strategies. No yoga experience is necessary and limited physical ability is not a problem. My personal survival of cancer and treatment has given me a greater level of empathy and understanding of what it takes to persevere through huge life challenges.

Begin your journey today to rediscovering “YOUR BEST SELF”!

60 min. Sessions $125.

90 min. Sessions $150

In college Laura studied Social Work and Woman’s Studies with an emphasis on working clinically with children and families. Her master’s degree had an emphasis also on Adventure-Based Therapy. Laura loves to spend time in the wilderness and believes it holds great healing potential for all. Laura began her journey of service working as a psychotherapist in the late nineties. She worked in hospitals, treatment centers, wilderness programs and schools. Through those years she began to see the incredible potential of not only nature as an incredible healing modality, but using yoga and breathing as tools to help empower clients to gain control over their moods and help connect with their bodies. In 2006, she began to study yoga and meditation at the Shambhava School of Yoga. She has taught yoga and meditation classes for years with both kids and adults. She ran many yoga kids programs and camps throughout the foothills and Littleton. She is the author of a book called, “Sunshine Yoga Kids”. During her recent challenge with cancer she decided to help herself continue to grow and move forward by taking her yoga studies to the next level. She completed her 300hour Yoga Therapy training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy School. She is in the process of completing another 2 years of Yoga Therapy training as she begins working with clients. She believes she has found a beautiful combination of her skills to bring to the world and help heal others.

Hatha Yoga 9:30 am on Thursday’s

This heart centered hatha yoga class will help you relax and energize the body, mind, and spirit as you begin to release tension. Gradually you can increase flexibility, inner openness, and enjoy the full benefits of yoga. This class is rooted in the Shambhava tradition. The goal of Shambhava yoga is to learn to be fully engaged in life while simultaneously experiencing the nectar of divinity within. All levels welcome.