Joel Feinstein


Joel is a retired Pediatrician and Massage Therapist. 

He studied Tai Chi Chuan beginning in 1970, studying the Yang style for 25 years and continued practicing throughout his life. After a back injury, he switched to Yoga, and became a Hatha Yoga and Meditation instructor. He believes that Tai Chi is unique and one of the healthiest ways to seek, maintain, and improve your health, and that studying allows you to develop a continuous personal lifetime practice. 


Have you seen a group of people practicing Tai Chi in the park? You will see a choreographed slow and rhythmic flow of movements. Look closely and you may notice that though similar, everyone has their own unique movements, and often they are looking inside and at their hands, not watching a leader. 

Our class will introduce the Yang Style Long Form of Tai Chi Chuan. We will start with learning the basic movements. Later we will study 2 person exercises. These are whole body integrated movements. We learn to be balanced, stable and connected to the ground and use our waist to direct the movements. Movements are intentional and without force.  We study the Tai Chi principles, which include posture, moving internally,  and developing unity of the body. The movements become meditative.