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Energetic Clearing with Ananda Kirti Kaur

Energetic Space Clearings/ Matrix Balancing is working with house clearings, land reclaiming harmony and multi-faceted relationship dynamics from the family relations to work space environment. These clearings are to create a harmonious field for all involved and to release the energies and entities that are lost in that field.

Energetic Clearing Individual are remote (long distance) sessions or part of another service offered in person (ex. Speerlight, EVOX, Crystal Bed...) working with a person, animal, plant, object for releasing in 3 phases of energetic balancing and clearing so that one comes back to their state of wholeness "My body, spirit, mind and no other." Level 1 - environmental/ spacial energy balancing which I refer to as negative/ low level energy that can create a heavy, ungrounded, unhealthy etc. vibrational pattern in one's field Level 2- conscious energy force that is manipulation and holding space in one's sphere from entity, possession, demonic, ET... Level 3- has a parasitic and hook feel that is connected to another feeding, draining and restraining one's free will and Divine expression. This field is from cord cutting, karmic and Universal imprints, contracts and curses.

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Energetic Space Clearings/Matrix Balancing                                                             $75

Energetic Clearing Individual                                                                             $50

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