Doe Jyoti



My passion is freedom. Living in a state of play and magic. The bliss of existence in adventure and presence. I love to explore and learn and pray and feel and dance and sing and cry and relate. I’m an avid meditator, writer, eater, creator and traveler; certified in Hatha yoga and currently going to school for holistic nutrition. I dabble in many healing modalities, and many different avenues of play: as I believe playing and healing go hand in hand. I am passionate and grateful for anything which heals from the roots up, that truly nourishes; and I wish to help other beings find the same - to go deeply into their joy, their tethers, their tender places - to rediscover magic and find the strength in surrender. For to be be free, we must release. And in this unbinding is where we truly begin living. Where we, at last, come home to ourselves.