The Quantum Resonance Crystal Healing Bed

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Healing Bed uses a combination of focused light, sound, master frequencies and crystal energy to create a wonderful sonic massage for the whole body and energy field. The lighted crystals are positioned above the each chakra several inches above the body. Sound comes through headphones as well as transmitters under the massage table. The healing is not just on the physical but extends to the energetic (and quantum) as well. As the light and sound are transmitted through the crystals a field of energy is created through which quantum information and healing frequencies flow.


Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Single Session

20 Min.-$40

30Min - $60

45 Min. -$80

Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Session Packages

30 Min. 5 Sessions -$210

30 Min. 10 Sessions- $360

45Min. 5 Sessions - $280

45 Min. 10 Sessions-$480