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60-90 min Ayurvedic Abhyanga Marma Massage

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Abhyanga is the Sanskrit word for oil massage or self oil massage. It's actual definition is the "movement of sustenance towards all the bodily tissues so they radiate health." What that means is that when we stimulate blood flow throughout our body and invigorate our senses, such as through massage, we radiate health.

Abhyanga, to me, is the ultimate act of sacred self-care. What could be more luxurious and nourishing than massaging your body with warm oil into every inch? In fact it's been proven to have benefits.


Abhyanga massage helps:

  • Stimulates the Energetic body through the Marma points.

  • Calm your adrenals

  • Stimulate your lympathic drainage system

  • Hydrate and lubricate your skin cells

  • Slows the aging process

  • Reduces exhaustion

  • Repairs sore muscles

  • Prevent injuries by nourishing bones

  • Unblocking the marma points in your body, allowing energy to flow

  • Prepare your body for sleep


  60 minutes   $90

 90 minutes   $120